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Klaus Lichtenwalder, Dipl. Inform. (Univ.)

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Besides being active in general Linux development I'm trying to get some kind of official Recognition...

I studied Computer Science at the Technical University Munich ( Technische Universität München ) from autumn 1983 until spring 1989. The work for graduating (" Diplomarbeit ") was titled "Spezifikation einer parallelen Inferenzmaschine in Hinblick auf ein Transputersystem" (Specification of a Parallel Theorem Prover Targeted at Transputer Systems"), 15.11.1988, at the "Institut für Intellektik, then headed by Dr. Bibel, complementing a previously done work by a friend and me, "Implementation eines parallel arbeitenden Theorembeweisers in LISP und Erstellung von Simulationssoftware für Linearmaschinen (SIPATH)" ("Implementation of a Parallel Theorem Prover in LISP and Realisation of Simulation Software for Single Processor Machines"), 1987.

Right now I'm an employee at FI-TS, working in the Unix department overseeing high availibility systems und clusters, mainly Linux, but also Solaris/AIX/HP-UX. Additionally, I'm responsible for security in that domain. In my former live :-) I was a freelancer and also working for Datapat GmbH. My main tasks there were system administration (mainly Unix), (heterogeneous) networks and database programming. In my spare time (haha) I still consult for clients from my former life, which includes providing internet services to clients, including e-mail routing and providing, web server hosting and of course security consulting.

Here's my resume in English (outdated, not up to date for the time being) and here is the German Version (current)

Germany's new data retention law, same old story . Check it here (in German)

Some of my favorites:

You know the dust puppie ?
Here's Dilbert, you can't do without him in this society.
Recently (well, 2003) I started playing backgammon, you can find me here, here and here, under the nic klic.

Permanent mail address: Lichtenwalder [at] acm [dot] org, to get my PGP Public Key hop to pgp.mit.edu. The fingerprint is 8CE0 B8DB 7CAC 8918 F8F7 31D0 8903 B2BE 9644 2524

On Fediverse: @klic@digitalcourage.social (https://digitalcourage.social/@klic) Mastodon